• Maldives: A land of blue ocean and white beaches

  • Posted on October 28, 2018
  • The Maldives is known as a country of waters. For those who are fond of beaches and waters, Maldives is the best place to consider. It is a perfect honeymoon destination to spent some private time with your partner in the midst of the blue oceans.

    The reasons why the Maldives is beautiful than any other place includes:

    Glowing Beaches
    The beaches at the Maldives becomes more colorful during the night. Standing over the beaches during the night is a beautiful experience in itself. The rising and the falling tides at the edges become fascinating with the crystal color of water.

    Meeting the aquatic animals
    The Maldives let you meet the wildlife animals from a closer distance. If you are not afraid of the aquatic animals then it’s a great experience to be under water. One would be able to watch the giant white sharks from a close distance. You can also explore the aquatic flora and fauna, and other fishes beneath the waters.

    One can catch the Maldivian Style tuna and other fishes beneath the waters. You do not need to wait for a fish as there will be many fishes and you would be having more fun with fish fighting. Here, you are not just allowed to catch the fish but you will also be allowed to cook your own fish for the dinner.  

    Become Romantic with your partner underwater
    The Maldives has a number of villas, resorts, and restaurants that allow you to spend some quality time with your partner underwater. You would be able to have a great lunch/dinner with your partner along with a closer look at the aquatic waters and animals. You can not only have lunch/dinner but, you will also be allowed to spend the entire night at the place with your partner.

    Flying over the waters
    This is one of the ultimate experiences at the Maldives. The seaplanes give you an amazing aerial view of the place while making your transfer arrangements. The use of seaplanes is allowed from sunrise to sunset. With seaplanes, one can explore the whole place from the airs. You can also have a private charter on the island which cost around $3000-$6000 per day.

    Cruise throughout the country
    The Maldives also allow tourists to have an experience of the liveaboard cruises with their partners. By cruising you can explore the hidden treasures of this tropical paradise. This is economical, saves time, and give travelers an ultimate luxurious experience via waterways.

    Exploring Malé, the Capital of Maldives
    Malé is recognized as a lonely planet. A trip to Malé lets you explore Maldives culture, its heritage, its people, and its yummy delicious food and drinks. You will find narrow streets, colorful houses, and artificial beaches that gives you the essence of the real beaches present at the place.

    Overall, it’s going to be a wonderful trip, packed with lots of fun and pleasing moments with your partner. At the end of the trip, you will be taking away a lot of positive indelible memories with you.

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